2020 Programme

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10:00 CET
Opening Remarks
10:40 CET
Lightning Talks
11:35 CET
Lightning Talks
13:25 CET
Lightning Talk
14:00 CET
Lightning Talk
14:40 CET
Closing Remarks
10:00 CET
Chair's opening remarks
Perry Timms
Author and Chief Energy Officer
10:05 CET
Building Culture and Community
Jennifer Christie
VP, People and Chief Human Resources Officer
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10:20 CET
Transformation Through Disruption
Christian Busch
Professor & Author, The Serendipity Mindset
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10:40 CET
Lightning Talks on Demand
11:00 CET
Leadership Moving Forward: Reimagining Plans for the Long-Term
Jessie Scheepers
Head of People
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Talent Developing Internal Mobility for Greater Capability and Collaboration
Ajay Dhillon
Director - Global Human Resources
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Employee Experience Building Thriving, Resilient Teams
Mariam Kakkar
Chief, Talent Development Unit, Office of Human Resources
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Learning Learn, Unlearn and Relearn: The Need for Learning Agility
Mike Bokina
Vice President, Head of Human Resources
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Culture & Inclusion Visualising Collaboration: Content to Drive Engagement and Inclusion
Kate Philpot
Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement
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11:30 CET
Employee Experience Why Care Matters for a Human Employee Experience
Lindsay Lagreid
Senior Advisor of the Limeade Institute
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Culture & Inclusion How to Put an Inclusive Culture Into Action Digitally
Anna Peggram
D&I Partnerships Manager
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Fiona Young
Content Director
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12:00 CET
12:00 CET
Designing People First Organisations
Belinda Gannaway
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Emma Bridger
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13:00 CET
Engaging Through Fatigue
James Saunders
Chief People Officer
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Perry Timms
Author and Chief Energy Officer
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Dina Alvarez
Head of Culture & Talent
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Camille Burrows
Group Vice President, Learning & Development
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13:45 CET
Leadership Harnessing Power & Diversity: How to Create a Culture of Collaboration
Adam Galinsky
Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics
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Employee Experience The Key to Successful Long-Term Remote Work: Transparency, Recognition and Collaboration
Takashi Sato
Managing Director
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Learning Building the Skills of the Future
Rich Jacquet
Chief People Officer
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14:15 CET
Lightning Talks on Demand
14:35 CET
Leadership Combining Purpose, Culture and Productivity for Measurable Impact
Richard Batten
Global Chief Sustainability Officer
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Strategy Creating Distributed Organisations for Innovation and Collaboration
Jon Ingham
Author, Consultant and Trainer at Strategic HR Academy
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Talent Reshaping Talent and Organisational Management for the New Normal
Anthony Parker
Former VP, Talent Acquisition
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Employee Experience Creating a Global Strategy for Universal Reward and Recognition
Jorgen Pedersen
Vice President Compensation & Benefits
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Learning Fostering Self-Directed Learning Cultures
Emma Smythe
Talent & Development Director
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Culture & Inclusion Creating Sustainable Diverse Talent Pipelines
Frances Light
Global Director Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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15:05 CET
Lightning Talks on Demand
15:25 CET
Reimagining the Workplace and the Role of HR
Frida Polli
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Thomas Louman
HRD Commercial
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Nebel Crowhurst
People and Culture Director
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Claire Sherwin
HR Director, Talent Acquisition, HR Ops and Technology
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16:05 CET
Chair's Closing Remarks
Perry Timms
Author and Chief Energy Officer

Accelerating Transformation and Embracing Change

@topemployer spoked to @HRDCommunity on the impact #hybrid working has had on company #wellbeing, urging businesses… https://t.co/33EdklVKTu Posted 2 days ago

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