Forecasting Capability and Skills as the New Workforce Planning

The nature of work is changing. Skills that were once in high demand are losing relevancy quickly, with new capabilities required to enable organisations to prepare themselves and continue to deliver. In times of rapid change and frequent pivots, rigid job roles and structures are no longer the most efficient use of an organisation’s capabilities. Businesses need a strategic view on the skills in their organisations – what do they need, what do they have too much of? Who could be redeployed to support other projects outside of their usual role and who can and should be reskilled before it’s too late? What do they need to build, borrow or buy to ensure future preparedness?

In this session, we’ll dive into how to successfully incorporate reskilling and upskilling into your workforce planning. Understand how to identify your current available skillsets and examine wider trends to forecast for the future gaps. Does your organisation know which skills will be central to its future success?

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