Driving Strategic Next Generation Digital Transformation

This session is an interactive workshop with small breakout groups. You will be matched with similar peers to co-curate frameworks to help drive your people strategy – using our unique workshop technology and digital interactive tools, you will explore radical new ideas and enjoy face-to-face networking with like-minded people leaders.

There has a been a sizeable shift in how society uses technology – a year ago many people didn’t know what Zoom was, and now it’s been used not just for conference calls, but for social events. The value in digital is clear but making changes at an organisational level requires strategic changes to individual skills , mindset and tools. As technology becomes embedded in all other aspects of working life, what are the right priorities for your own HR team?
Join this two-part session to begin creating the frameworks for a successful digital transformation designed with your employee experience in mind.  Expect to begin creating a vision for the digitisation transformation, actively aligned with the goals and requirements for the business.

What is an interactive workshop?

HRD: A Virtual Experience will be running a new format of interactive sessions – a strategy focussed presentation combined with a follow-up workshop session on directly related content. 

During the presentation (~20 mins) delegates will hear from an expert practitioner or thought leader on a key challenge area highlighted by our in-house market analysis and research. This will take the form of research-based insights, practical experiences and strategic thought leadership.  

 This presentation will be followed by the opportunity to join their peers in an intimate workshop discussion (~40 mins). Delegates will be automatically moved into smaller breakout groups. Guided by a facilitator, they will have the opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the presentation, share their own experiences and work through a series of tasks or discussion points to cocreate their own blueprints to immediately apply within their organisation.  

After the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to join an invite-only forum in order to continue to connect as a community with those they met in their workshop, and others interested in the challenge area. 

Why are we running these?

In discussions with our community there were a few aspects that stood out as key to valuable learning experiences. We’ve developed the programme to deliver the opportunity to learn directly from expert sources grounded in real-world experience, whilst also creating the space to discuss individual and complex challenges in depth with peers. The workshops are designed for participants to co-create and tailor frameworks and blueprints that have immediate relevance to their business. These discussions and new connections will grow into authentic networks that delegates can continue to tap into and support each other in. 

 HRD: A Virtual Experience will create the forum for highly focussed learning and connection, allowing senior HR practitioners and people leaders to: 

  • solve their critical business challenges for tangible business value 
  • share strategic information and experiences 
  • co-create solutions in a collaborative environment 

create lasting connections with like-minded peers 

Target Focus/Challenge Area

Developing the framework for digital transformation at scale  


This is high priority for a lot of organisations, but especially  

  • Organisations that feel they are behind the curve on the transformation of their business – anyone from a more traditional industry   
  • Larger scale organisations that find rollouts a challenge.   

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the elements that make a digital transformation successful   
  • Examine the factors that would have the biggest impact on your organisation   
  • Create a framework for implementing a digital transformation at scale.  

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Dina Alvarez

Head of Culture & Talent

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