Collaboration, Creativity and Connection: Reimagining the Purpose of the Office

Organisations have long been challenged by maintaining cultures where creativity and innovation thrives. This concern has only been heightened with the increased shift to remote working where collaboration can be more stilted and interactions more transactional. As we make long terms plans for where we work, we have to examine the purpose in the types of work we do and how to achieve it.
This session will explore the steps needed to create spaces and mindsets for collaboration and growth. What skills do we need to equip our leaders with to help their teams and host productive sessions? What does the workplace itself need to look like to facilitate creativity and what tools do we need in place? How can we create a culture that understands the value in both independent and team-based work and when to utilise them? By creating environments that are engaging and productive, employees will gravitate towards these spaces with purpose, maximising opportunities for the collaboration and growth that all businesses need.

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