Why Attend?

The challenges and evolving environments that organisations are facing today are increasingly complex. With so many elements beyond our control, CHROs are tackling the ones that can be traced to one root cause – the changing needs and expectations of the workforce.


The psychological contract with employees has changed. They want to work somewhere that cares about their future – that will help them fulfil their potential, support their wellbeing in various forms, and create connections that make them feel like they belong. Without these elements in place, the best talent will vote with their feet.

If people are our greatest asset, then the need for a coherent investment strategy is not only clear, but unarguable. More so than ever, the HRD Collective shaped around the strategies organisations are using to directly invest in their talent experience across all parts of the employee lifecycle.

​Developed through intensive research with our community, the schedule at the HRD Collective will explore challenges such as:

  • Investing in belonging for healthier cultures
  • Launching new and improved employer brands
  • Turning talent management into growth conversations
  • Future-proofing employee skillsets
  • Driving momentum in wellbeing initiatives
  • Updating learning and development to be more accessible and attractive
  • Utilising data and analytics for job crafting
  • Communicating culture and purpose

Join us on the 6th of October, 2022 for a collaborative exploration of the most pressing challenges facing CHROs and people leaders today. The HRD: Collective is a forum for highly focused learning, fuelling people leaders with the connections and strategies to help them forge the future of work. Come prepared to share, engage and be inspired to face the changing world of work.

HRD Collective returns this November 3rd, 2022! We bring forward-thinking People Leaders for a day of interactive s… https://t.co/qeGSboOXrZ Posted 7 hours ago

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