Why Attend?

The HRD Collective in a nutshell:

  1. From interactive sessions to powerful keynotes and lively panel discussions, tailor your schedule to meet your wants and needs.
  2. Access to industry peers, heavyweights, and powerhouses who want to connect in progressive dialogue to advance key initiatives forward.
  3. All sessions are framed around key challenges you and your peers have shared with us.
  4. Work in collaboration with an intimate group of senior industry representatives to create tangible takeaways to return to your business with.
  5. Access to useful follow-up resources post Collective.


Getting to grips with the new terms

What is a Scene-Setter?

The HRD Collective begins with a Scene-Setter, where you will hear from HR leaders discussing the challenges facing the industry as well as providing insight on the opportunities to move forward in the space. This will prepare you for our interactive Digital Incubators, enabling you to get into the right mindset and energizing you to tackle challenges together.

What is the role of the speaker?

The role of the speaker is to probe, draw out, and craft the solutions/outcomes to the complex challenges or opportunities the Digital Incubator has centred around.

What is a Digital Incubator?

Digital Incubators are the interactive cornerstone of the Collective. Each incubator will adopt a revolutionary approach to tackling challenges, overcoming personal development stumbling blocks, and fuelling the realisation of opportunities to power a new breed of business.

Led by HR experts, each interactive incubator will unite peers who share similar objectives to you, using verified frameworks and practical resources, all whilst leveraging the benefit of multiple perspectives to co-create the outcomes you desire.


Being part of the HRD Collective this October is where your journey begins.

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