2022 Brochure


Find out what the Collective is all about.


Download the HRD Collective 2022 brochure to get to know the February 24th Collective up close and personal. 

Have a closer look at the data and see who you’ll be interacting and engaging with during expert Lightning Talks, thought leadership Digital Incubators and solution-finding discussions. Take a peek at the schedule we’ve prepared and gain insight into what a partnership with us can mean for you and your organisation. 


What’s inside:

  • Insightful stats into the Collective, including number of leads generated 
  • Audience seniority, geography and company size (FTE) and other Collective partner engagements 
  • Sample of partnership-worthy like-minded businesses 
  • Speakers & Advisory Board: 12 notable industry experts from organisations like MasterCard, Bacardi and Audible 
  • Schedule overview, to understand how your thought leadership content can help shape the day 
  • Why HRD Collective’s purpose-built, lead-nurturing environment is unique  
  • Partnership benefits, including details on packages

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